• Steph Curley

Teacher training with Esak (E84) and Radha Garcia (Boulder Bikram Yoga)

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

Capped at 5 trainees maximum, the teacher training was highly effective and personalized. Having more senior instructors than trainees is unparalleled in yoga teacher training. Trainees, (left to right) Satomi, Marz, Lori, Stacy and me, came with years of personal practice experience and our own stories and belief in the power of this hot yoga to do what medicine, surgery, nutrition and other therapies sometimes cannot do. It was amazing and reassuring to be in such lovely company. Two of our group were already teaching intermediate classes at their home studios and one was certified at the 500-level in another style. We started training in the summer, developing our own dialogue on a shared google doc and, through the process, discussing the purpose of postures and effective teaching strategies with Esak. We completed 4 weeks of 11 or more classes per week at our home studios. Then, we met up in Boulder, for an intense training, often waking up at 4AM and working until 11PM. We lived and studied above https://www.boulderbikramyoga.com/ in Colorado, USA. We practiced and taught daily classes, learned how to open/close the studio, and received daily feedback from Esak, Radha and other senior teachers. A huge thanks to this amazing yoga family, including JJ, Joan (pictured above), Jordan, Suzanne, and Tim. JJ fed me the whole time with made-to-order green juices and green algae shots. A real treat for trainees came from Tim (structural integration) and Gabe (onsight massage therapist), who provided body work by appointment. Training was hard but supportive. We learned the purpose and priority of postures and safe and effective techniques (and instructions) to help every student at every level access body parts to get the most out of the yoga. We had posture clinics, anatomy, and feedback sessions. We practiced meditation and enjoyed our time in the ‘yoga bubble’. At the farewell dinner, we received our certificates and a bag full of thoughtful gifts, including the yoga anatomy coloring book. I left grateful and looking forward. As Radha inspires, there is always somewhere new to go....


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